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My deepest Blue
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September 2006
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My deepest Blue [userpic]
I need some help moving

Its tomorrow its a slight emergency...I don't have enough money to pay for the storage unit my Dad was paying for....there is some heavy ass furniture in there and it is in Duluth...I dont have a phone but I can call out or call from a payphone if you can help..

I think I have one moon van I can use of a friends but a pick up truck would rock. blah...how in the heck did it get to be sep 5th already...I have to get everything out by 6pm tomorrow....


Call me...404-396-7429

If you can pay for gas I can come over. I have a station wagon.

sorry I did not get back to you thank you for responding...we ended up not really moving much and I am going to try and work it out with the place to pay late!